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Want to Learn Quran Online?

One of the most important educational goals for Muslims is to learn the Quran and learn Quran properly. Too many times do children and adults spend countless hours learning Quran and, in the end, have learned to recite incorrectly or had skipped important tajweed rules for Quran reading.

With Studio Arabiya Institute, you can feel confident that learning Quran is accurate and easy with our online Quran learning platform, live teachers, extra learning materials and practice and an easy-to-manage schedule!


Studio Arabiya offers a variety of Quran courses for kids, teens, adults.  Our full track Quran courses are great for anyone who wants a comprehensive Quran learning track that covers learning tajweed, Quran recitation, reading the Quran, and memorizing Quran.  Students can test into a level immediately following enrollment, so you know where you will be starting!  We have smaller courses, that allow you to focus on certain aspects of Quran learning, as well.