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What is the Significance of Arabic in Islam and Why You Need to Master the Language

What is the Significance of Arabic in Islam and Why You Need to Master the Language

While reading the Quran, in daily prayers and even in simple everyday conversations with one another, Arabic tends to simply roll off the tongue of Muslims. Still, it has been observed that around ninety percent of the Muslims of the world do not speak Arabic as their native language. The pronunciation of Arabic can be accented or broken, but still many people of the Muslim community make attempts to understand and speak the language. These days, online Arabic classes are also available to make it easy for beginners to master the language.

Significance of Arabic in Comprehending the Faith of Islam

​Muslims are one big community of believers of Islam despite their racial, cultural and linguistic differences. The community is based on their common faith in Allah and the guidance He has bestowed upon mankind. The ultimate revelation of Allah to people was in the form of the beautiful Quran, which was sent around fourteen hundred years ago to Prophet Muhammad in the language of Arabic. Therefore, the Arabic language serves as the common link that joins the vast community of believers of Islam. Furthermore, it serves as a uniting force, which ensures that believers share common ideas and, to a certain extent, a cultural connection.

From the time of the revelation of the Quran, its original Arabic text has been preserved. Even though translations of the holy text have been done in several languages, all are based on the original text in Arabic that has not been altered. Centuries later, the Quran has been untouched and unchanged. If one has to completely understand the greatness of Allah through the beauty of the Quran, they need to make an attempt to understand and learn how to speak Arabic fluently.

Since learning Arabic is vital to the comprehension of the Quran, many Muslims make an attempt to become well-versed in the basics of it. Another subset of Muslims pursue further study so that they can understand the complete text of the Quran in its original form. 

Arabic Language – the Background 

​Arabic, both its modern form and the classic literary form, are categorized as Central Semitic languages. Classical Arabic is closely related to other Semitic languages like Hebrew and first emerged in Mesopotamia and northern Arabia during the Iron Age (around 3000 years ago). Though the language may appear strange to those whose native language derives from the branch of Indo-European languages, a lot of Arabic words are part of the vocabulary of Western languages due to the influence of Arabic culture on Europe during the medieval period. And since modern Arabic is closely based on the classical form of the language, the native speakers of modern Arabic or other closely associated languages, do not face difficulties in learning classical Arabic. Almost all citizens of Northern Africa and the Middle East are well versed in modern Arabic. Many other Asian and Central European languages have been highly influenced by Arabic. This shows that a good population of the world is already well-equipped to learn classical Arabic. Also, these days, various online Arabic classes are available which makes it easy for people to master the language.

The Arabic language is written from right to left and utilizes its own distinctive script which may appear complicated to many. Nevertheless, Arabic has a simple alphabet, which when mastered is extremely precise in conveying the accurate pronunciation of all words. If you choose to learn Arabic online, you get access to a range of books and audiotapes along with coursework which makes it easy for you to become fluent in the language. Islam is one of the premier religions of the world and is also among the fastest growing ones. The Quran holds the essence of Islam. Thus, learning and understanding the Quran in its original Arabic form offers a method of nurturing unity amongst your Muslim brethren and getting closer to the world and Allah.