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Ways to Make Quran Learning Fun for Your Kids

Ways to Make Quran Learning Fun for Your Kids

Quran learning is very important for Muslims. Parents should make sure that their kids start learning the Quran from an early age. This is because children have fresh minds and a good ability to grasp every knowledge quickly. However, it is important for you to find a good Quran school so that your kids can get proper education and learning.

These days,online Quran classes are gaining huge popularity, not only for Muslims but also non-muslims who are want to learn about the holy teachings of the Quran. Online Quran learning is probably one of the most convenient options available. You can schedule the classes according to the availability of your child. Moreover, your kid need not travel to different places or school, they can easilylearn Quran at home.

Initially, your child may think that learning the Quran is a task that is difficult to understand. But, with the right approach and encouragement, you can make the Quran learning fun and fulfilling for your child. But, how can you do this? Here are some ways that can help.

  • Connect with them – Before you begin with the online Quran classes, make sure your kid is well aware with different benefits of learning Quran. Why Quran learning is important? How does it play an important role in their lives? This way, they will be more interested in learning and likely to enjoy the lessons. Connect with their way of learning and look for the approach that works well with them. As a parent, you should always be available to support your kid and encourage them for learning.
  • Avoid the fear of failure – Understanding the Quran, particularly the early lessons can often be difficult for your kid. They may feel disappointed by seeing their slow progress. However, it is your responsibility to encourage and motivate regularly to make online Quran classes fun and easy for them. Embrace failure, not fear. Children are likely to make mistakes when they are on their path of learning something new. So, you should always motivate them to learn from their mistakes.
  • Make learning meaningful – Make Quran learning meaningful for your kid. Online Quran learning can be an excellent opportunity to teach your kid other important skills. The Quran contains many abstract words which your child may find irrelevant or difficult to understand. Remember to explain them the meaning of all the words in detail so that they can gain a proper understanding.
  • Add a timer – To improve their fluency and speed, you can add a timer while they are reading and reciting the Quran. This way you will stay updated with their progress and also learning will become more fun for your kid.
  • Make them read aloud – Encourage your kid to read and pronounce the words independently. It will help them gain confidence and also improve their fluency.
  • Reward them on their small wins – Regular praise and encouragement is also an important part of learning. You should celebrate their small wins by rewarding them in order to keep their motivation high and willingness to learn more. By regular appreciation, your kid will feel more confident and they will continue their classes with more interest.
  • Be creative – To make things more interesting, you can look for different creative ways. You can look for Arabic alphabet songs on YouTube, purchase handwriting books to make online Quran learning more fun.

The aforementioned are some of the ways that you can consider to make the Quran learning interesting, engaging and more fun for your kid. However, the most important thing is to look for a reputed online platform that ensures to provide the best Quran teaching to your kid. Studio Arabiya is a noted name for good Arabic and Quran learning online. With a team of qualified and experienced Quran teachers, you can have peace of mind to get the best Quran education sitting at the comfort of your home. They offer convenient classes, flexible schedule, and 100% money back guarantee.

They also have an online portal which allows you to track your progress regularly. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today!