The Traditional Fanoos and DIY Ramadan Lanterns

The Traditional Fanoos and DIY Ramadan Lanterns

In many Muslim countries, particularly Egypt, it is common to decorate for Ramadan with a fanoos (plural: fawanees). These traditional lanterns are made from metal and often have multi-colored glass and beautiful and unique shapes and patterns.

Click here for a fun activity of designing and coloring a fanoos for children provided by the Qatar Foundation:  http://fanous.qfi.org/

And click on the picture below to check out step-by-step instructions on making lanterns in a more Moroccan style.These have been posted (along with free printables) by the super talented Sweet Fajr Blog:

Lastly, check out the lantern page in Peter Gould’s Ramadan Fun Pack. These can be cut out and hung on twine or ribbon in fun colors like the following sample:

(Source: by Umamah Moin via Pinterest)