Learning Arabic

The First Steps to Understanding Quran

The First Steps to Understanding Quran

Learn To Purify Your Inner Soul

When you are on the way to learn Quran, the first step is to purify your intentions and get rid of all negativity. Make sure your intentions are clear and are only for the sake of Allah. There is no need to show off others that you have grasped a lot. Once you purify your inner soul, you are more likely to focus on understanding Quran and feel that Allah is inviting you to learn his words.

Study Hadiths And Ayahs Combined


The Quran provided by Allah contains complete guidance. For this reason, we need to study consolidated ayahs and hadiths. If you failed in this, then the chances are less that you will understand the scope of what Allah wants to tell you. Whenever you are reading the Quran, you should read it as a message sent by Allah. This will help you become more spiritual and kind.

Bring Consistency In Your Learning

To understand the Quran, you need to do regular recitation of Quran. The more you bring consistency in you, the easier it becomes to understand the Quran. If you are a beginner, then it is essential for you to never skip your online Quran classes. The best time to study the Quran is in the morning as this is the most peaceful time of the day.

Understand The Meanings of Learning


You must understand the meanings of learning the Quran. This will make the whole process much faster and easier for you. You need to understand the vast history of the Quran, why it was revealed and why it is called the complete source of guidance. Doing this will help you tremendously in understanding Quran and will make you feel closer to Allah.

Basic Principles of Quran


​The easy way to learn or understand the Quran is to get through its basic principles. Instead of learning the alphabet, one should learn Quranic Arabic by transcribing the words. Start with learning the letter and then from letters to words and finally moving on to forming the sentences.

If you are a beginner, then it might be hard for you to understand the Quran. With this in mind, there are so many online Quran Institutes that have designed special courses that are based on the most basic principles of the Quranic Arabic language. These online course outlines are helpful for the beginners to quickly grasp each and everything related to the Quran.

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​There are countless good reasons to understand the Quran. Thanks to our advanced technology that has made it possible for us to learn the Quran in a better way. With so many Islamic institutes online, we can learn everything at our own pace. Now, one doesn’t need to sit in the car, drive to the mosque, and listen to the tutor from the last bench. Quran online class allows people to learn from anywhere and anytime.

The Quran contains a lot of information which helps to guide you in all areas of the world. No matter if you are a Muslim by birth or converted to Islam from a different religion, understanding Quran is hard for all. To achieve the ultimate guidance of The Quran, there are some steps one needs to follow. These steps take you towards the efficient learning or understanding of the Quran.