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Studio Arabiya’s New Classroom!

Studio Arabiya’s New Classroom!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


StudioArabiya’s New Classroom


The new StudioArabiya classroom has a lot to offer you. No matter what you are studying, no matter your level, you will see drastic class quality improvements.


Our new classroom setup takes online learning to the next level. Shared whiteboards in which you and your teacher can see each other while viewing the same text, writing notes, highlighting, and share links prove that online learning can be as interactive and beneficial as in person classes. Our new classroom allows you to record your classes, so whether you are learning Arabic or Quran, you can re-listen to your classes to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Learning to read the Quran can be a difficult task. There are rules of recitation (tajweed) and and symbols in copies of the Quran that you need to learn in order to properly recite the Quran. Our new classroom whiteboard makes this easier by giving you the opportunity to look at the same screen as your teacher and highlight any letters or symbols that require more attention. Additionally, the new classroom allows for both of you to view the same videos or hear the same audio files without having to leave the classroom. This allows for full focus and the concentration for learning how to recite or memorize the Noble Quran. You can listen to your recorded class to try to match your recitation with your teacher’s.


Whether learning Arabic as a beginner, or taking advanced classes in grammar, StudioArabiya’s new setup is one conducive to mastery. The whiteboard allows your teacher to write examples and annotate texts while can easily highlight any point of confusion or point to words you do not know. After class- you can revisit the whiteboard and go through the lesson reviewing what you just learned.


You are given a username and password. You use that for logging in and logging off. You can save your notes and access course materials there. 

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