Student Spotlight

[Student Spotlight] Minhaj H.

[Student Spotlight] Minhaj H.

Meet: Minhaj

Fun Facts

  • Age: 42
  • Location: USA
  • Student Since: 2017
  • Courses: Arabic for Adults

Learning Goals:

To finally learn arabic and be able to speak it fluently. I am big on speaking because I don’t think just knowing how to decipher arabic in an Islamic book really makes the language a part of your being. I want to speak in Arabic, joke in Arabic, and dream in Arabic. I would even like to talk to myself in Arabic.

Why do you think other learning methods didn’t work for you?

It boils down to persistence and discipline, clearly traits I need to work on. I can’t really fault the other methods which were mostly in-person classroom type instruction. The problem was me. I honestly think many students pay too much attention to the “method” of instruction and don’t put in the work, and then they fault the method of instruction. One thing you guys seem to have as a strong point is your instructors. Osama is an excellent instructor with an excellent attitude — encouraging, patient, and he doesn’t make you feel like a loser if you let life “get in the way” of learning Arabic. If your other instructors are like Osama, you have a goldmine ma shaa Allah.

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