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Make Your Kids Fall In Love With The Quran With These Tips!

Make Your Kids Fall In Love With The Quran With These Tips!

For every Muslim parent, it is an honor and joy to see their children fall in love with the Quran and Allah. Loving the Quran is not just restricted to memorizing specific verses (ayaat) but so much more. When a child begins to fall in love with the Quran, they are excited to recite its verses and understand its meanings. This is where parents can play a key role in helping their children understand the Quran and develop a strong bond with it. Here’s a list of tips that you can follow to instill love for the Quran in your child’s heart:

Share Beautiful and Inspiring Stories from the Quran

Each story of the Quran is a lesson and an inspiration. Make sure that you share the stories of the Quran with your kids by reading children’s books on this topic. Sharing such stories will help your kids boost their understanding of the Quran and get closer to Allah.

Make Dua’ 

For a believer and worshipper of Allah, dua’ (supplication) is of paramount importance. As a parent, it is your duty to make your kids understand the significance of making dua’. Tell them that the Prophetsaid, “Dua’ is worship,” and “Dua’ is the brain [or heart] of worship.” Let them know that every dua’ is promised to be answered by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى in one of three ways: 1) It will be answered as the person beseeched Allah 2) Some harm will be averted from the person 3) Allah will save the unanswered dua’ for the Day of Judgment as an expiation of sins or the addition of good deeds. Children are naturally attracted to supplication as they are inclined to hope and believe in the prayer of prayer. Moreover, even the smallest success in making dua’ can make a child feel the power of supplication and develop an early attachment to it. It is one of the best vehicles to cultivate a child’s relationship with Allah and so, too, the Quran. Teach your children to purify their intentions before they make dua’ and understand that whatever they do or wish to do has to be for the sake of Allah. Sometimes, children do not know what to ask for or need guidance to be taught about what to ask for in this life and the Hereafter. There are books as well as apps that have collected the powerful dua’s of the Quran, so be sure to expose them to supplications of the prophets recorded in the Quran. 

Make Your Kids Listen to the Quran Often

If your child is a newborn and still a baby, allow the Quran to soothe them when they cry or feel anxious. Mothers can help kids establish a deep connection with the Quran even before the child is born. While you’re still pregnant, play the recitation of the Quran in the house and listen to it while you’re doing household chores or simply relaxing. As your child grows up, continue to play the recitation of the Quran around them in the house. When the child becomes familiar with the Quran, it becomes easy for them to read and also memorize its verses.

Explain the Meaning of the Chapters and Verses

Besides making your children listen to the Quran regularly, make them understand the different verses. Tell them enough to build their interest and capture their attention without overwhelming them. Children love to hear about the broken letters, like “Alif Laam Meem.” Kids want to understand the surahs of the last juz’, describing the awesome events of the Last Day. Young people are drawn to the style and substance of the verses that have their own unique rhythm. Be the guide and lead the way by teaching your kids in a wondrous fashion and they will be hooked. 

Encourage Your Kids

Do not force your kids to do too much at once making listening to the Quran a chore for them. You just need a few minutes at a time to gain the attention of your kids. Just stay consistent with your Quran lessons. Eventually you’ll see your kids wanting to listen to the Quran for longer periods. Also, do not punish your kids when you see them getting tired or frustrated with the learning process. Your punishment can lead to your child’s building resentment towards the Quran. Avoid this at all costs, even if it means taking a break. The idea is to make your kids fall in love with the Quran and not just listen to it in order to make you happy. You can also make your kids develop a bond with the Quran via online Quran school or online Quran classes. These classes are specially designed for kids, to make the learning of the Quran easy and interesting for them. Also, encourage your kids whenever they listen to the Quran or recite it to you. This will boost their morale and they will want to delve deeper into the Quran.

Lead by Example

Kids learn things better from the examples set by their parents. Explain to your kids the importance of the Quran by depicting your love for it and how the text has helped you in life. In the end, you can only do your best. Leave the rest to Allah. Let Him become your guide throughout the process of making your child fall in love with the Quran.

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