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Learn How To Avoid Sins And Promote Mankind Through Online Quran Tutors

Learn How To Avoid Sins And Promote Mankind Through Online Quran Tutors

In today’s era, sinfulness is a dismissed, even laughable aspect of earthly life. Minor and even major sins like harming others by insult or physical assault or doing something that is clearly breaking the bounds Allah is treated with nonchalance at best and with total dismissal at worst. This disconnect with piety has human beings drifting far away from God, further away from endorsing brotherhood, and staying away from wrong. One of the paths to reconnecting with our spirituality, is to establish and cultivate our connection with God, and one of the best ways to do this is to become closer to the word of God–the Quran. No one can learn the Quran, it’s meaning an explanation on their own. For this, we need tutors and teachers.

There is no scarcity of Islamic universities, educational institutes, and plentiful other places where these tutors are available. One can connect and learn with these professionals by joining an online course associated with Islamic studies, Quran memorization, and the Arabic language. Through these experts, every individual regardless of their level can become acquainted with bounds of Allah, what are the major and minor sins and how to fortify yourself from going down the wrong path.

What Online Quran Tutors Teach


Through Online Quran tutors, one can learn about the many messengers of God–their attributes, their trials, their strength of character and the miraculous and wondrous stories of courage, honor, and integrity. There are so many verses and surahs (chapters of the Quran) that shed light on the life of the great Prophet Muhammad, how Mecca emerged religiously, and what blatant hardships and subtle difficulties people faced during the time of Prophet Muhammadﷺ.  Online Quran tutors can teach students how to memorize or recite the holy Quran in an appropriate manner, the importance of tajweed rules in reciting the Quran, fundamentals of Islam, how the sacred Quran connects an individual to Allah, and what deeds every Muslim should follow. Today is the era of self-paced learning and online Quran teachers teach students in such a way that after a period of time, they can learn independently.


The Secret To Pronouncing Difficult Arabic Words Correctly

For Muslim families, reciting and memorizing the holy Quran is an easy obligation to fulfill. They can access tutors and teachers through many different and convenient avenues. These expert tutors go a step further and explain how the memorization and recitation of the Quran can bless them and change their lives. Knowing that worship and good character go hand in hand, these tutors encourage their students to practice what they are reading and learning from the Quran in their everyday lives: to be calm, courteous, and polite with the people around them. Practicing these behavioral virtues leads to a calm and composed mind, which in turn, will allow the student of Quran to progress in their Quranic studies. He/she will learn to pronounce difficult and lengthy words easily with a focus on learning and memorizing the Quran.

Eliminate the Darkness of Life Through The Quran

The Prophet Muhammad and other messengers of God have tried to safeguard mankind and spread love but today it’s easy to dismiss them as mythological figures of ancient tales. However, a regular reciter of the Quran is reminded of the prophets and their admonitions as real people sent by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى. These reminders help those who have forged a connection with the Quran avoid sinful behavior and choose a righteous path. Furthermore, many studies and scholars have found that reciting the Quran, sincerely from the heart, can have significant positive effects on the mental well-being of the individual, ease problematic situations, and guide the individual on how to lead a life of happiness and peace.

Studio Arabiya is a leading institute that selects highly experienced and knowledgeable Quran tutors from the famous Al-Azhar University. Some of the courses offered by our institute include learning of short vowels, Arabic alphabets, Madd letters, Noorani Qaida methodology, etc. After completion of the courses of all levels, certification is provided to the students wherever they are located in the world. With completion of our programs, one can gain fluency in speaking Arabic effective techniques to continue to grow beyond our courses. Students can learn the rules of tajweed. The fun activities we develop as part of our program for children, play a significant role in engaging all students and they are provided as motivational sessions where they can become well-versed with character building and acts of worship. Through the courses offered here, one can comprehend the holy Quran and enhance skills in the Arabic language. The communicative approach methodology of our teachers is engaging, intriguing, and efficacious.