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How To Get Your Kids Excited To Attend Online Quran Classes

How To Get Your Kids Excited To Attend Online Quran Classes

Learning Quran Online was in trend half a decade ago, but now it’s run of the mill. Not only for adults, it has also become routine for Muslims children. There are a number of Muslim parents who want their kids to learn the disciplines of life at a very young age. This is because children naturally have strong learning abilities and a fresh mind. Thankfully, online Quran classes have made it possible for kids to learn the Quran quickly and efficiently.

Online Quran academies allow children to continue Quran education alongside their school education. More and more parents feel satisfied with the quality and timing of these classes because they have a proper schedule for learning. Access to  the best online Quran tutor, individual attention, flexible timing, and affordability are some other benefits that come with online Quran classes.

Sometimes, it is hard for Muslim parents to get their kids to learn new things or make them focus, especially as these classes come at the end of a day of school or because online classes can feel distant. Developing interest in kids to learn the Quran requires preparation and timely attention. Here are some tips that will help parents get their excited about online Arabic classes.

Know Your Child’s Interests

If you want your kids to look forward to attending online Quran classes, then it is essential for you to know your child’s interests. You should encourage them to explore different topics that really fascinate them. On the basis of their interest, you can make your student choose the right Quran course. This may not be easy, because if your child does not have a lot of exposure to the Quran, it may be hard for them to find an area of interest for them. Try to let them know that the Quran mentions animals, miraculous true historical stories, narratives of the Prophets that sets the Biblical record straight, and other wondrous verses. Mention the broken letters. Explain that this points to the Quran being the book of God as no other book before or since begins select chapters with letters from the language’s alphabet. Explain how there are many theories that venture to explain the purpose of this but it remains a remarkable mystery. Demonstrate how, unlike English and many other languages, every letter makes the sound it is meant to make! Share with them that health experts have found that the recitation of the Quran is a form of “mystical music that contributes to the release of endorphins by stimulating alpha brain waves. Therefore, it enhances the stress threshold, removes negative emotions, and creates a sense of relaxation.” You may need to pique their curiosity, guide them to a place of interest, but there’s so much you can choose and so many resources readily available to people from all walks of life. 

Make A Proper Schedule For Learning

Another important thing that every parent enrolling their child in online Araby or Quran classes can do to help make this experience easier is set a proper schedule. This will help them to maintain consistency. When your child first begins, let them have input in their schedule. This is especially important for the reluctant student. Everyone knows Quran classes can be stressful and difficult for children. Listen to their concerns and give them a few choices–twenty minute sessions, half an hour classes, four days a week or maybe just three, etc. Secondly, don’t be afraid to ease them in slowly. Once they experience success and feel they are getting somewhere, you can up the ante.

Now if your kids are used to being in front of the screen a lot, it may be more difficult to motivate them as screen fatigue can set in. While limiting screen time for kids is a whole ‘nother discussion, it’s important to consider reducing screen time, at least before and after class time so the child’s eyes and mind are fresh to the experience. 

Create An Atmosphere of Learning

As the parent of a student studying Quran or Araby online, develop a proper atmosphere for learning. Make it fun. Take the portion of Quran they are reading from and read the translation to or with them. Or look up the asbab-an-nuzul (the occasion for revelation). How many times have we read Surat-Ikhlaas, it also being one of the first surahs our children learn, and yet how many of us know the occasion of its revelation? It is reported that a Jew (and some reports say the pagans of Mecca were prompted by the Jews) asked the Prophet  “Describe to us your Lord, for He has revealed His description in the Torah. Tell us: What is He made of? And to which species does He belong? Is He made of gold, copper or silver? Does He eat and drink? Who did He inherit this world from? And to whom will He bequeath it?” To this, Allah revealed Surat-Ikhlaas

Say: He is Allah, One.

Allah, the Everlasting Refuge.

He does not beget.

Nor is He begotten.

And comparable to Him, there is none. 

This is just a small demonstration of how you can get create an environment of enjoyable learning around memorizing and reading the Quran.

Moreover, Studio Arabiya’s student portal allows students to take quizzes regularly on what they have studied. This will help keep the kids engaged to learn Quran at home, because these quizzes are like cool computer games! 

Explore Your Child’s Learning Style

Each child learns in their own way.  They have preferences and thrive better learning through different mediums. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners and some learn best by repeating things. It is essential for parents to know what learning style suits their kids best and encourage them to use it to reinforce what they learn in their online classes. This will ease the way and contribute to their feeling of success.

Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement

It is important for every Muslim parent to keep celebrating their child’s achievements. This will encourage their children to keep going and challenge themselves bigger and better goals. Offer a special treat or throw a small party when they reach a milestone in their Quran/Arabic curriculum. 

It is crucial for Muslim parents to develop a habit of attending Quran classes from a very young age. The above mentioned tips are suggestions on how to facilitate ease, fun and curiosity along the way.

At Studio Arabiya, we have developed the right online platform to conveniently learn Quran and Araby from your home, office or while traveling. Our online Quran classes for kids, offer the best teachers and staff so that your children will love to study and learn the Quran.