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Advice to Arabic Students Everywhere

Advice to Arabic Students Everywhere

As a student at Studio Arabiya, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to benefit the most from your Studio Arabiya classes:

study1) Come prepared.

    • Have all your materials in front of you before your class starts. Your notebook, Arabic book, pencils, pen, scratch paper- whatever you, as an individual, need to have next to you during class, have prepared and in front of you a couple of minutes before class.


    • Lightly go over the next day’s material on your own. This can mean pre-reading the next day’s lesson, having the words you don’t understand highlighted so you can remember to ask your teacher, reading over the directions of the exercises you and your teacher will be going over.  Try to get an overall understanding of the lesson and what you will be tackling.  This doesn’t have to be a 6 hr power study through the next day’s lesson, but it is just a light review or even skim. If you are short on time, even 15 minutes will do wonders and will make your next day’s lesson flow very well! Your teacher will notice the difference.


    • Remember to always review your lesson (on the same night you had it!).


    • Review will bring up questions. Write them down, mark them down…do whatever it takes for you to remember to ask your teacher the next day!


laptop2) Clear the area of all distractions.

    •  Close the Facebook and Gmail tabs before class starts. As tempting as it is to check for FB updates or the new emails that you may or may not be receiving during those “quick 5 seconds your teacher is using to find the page in the book” – don’t do it!  These things will slowly turn into habits and take away from the value of your class.


    • Turn the phone to silent or keep it away from you.


    • Anything that you personally know that generally takes your attention away from class…keep away!


3) Make the most out of your hour.

    • Try your best to always communicate in Arabic – even with the words you don’t know – push yourself to try to think of different ways to express yourself!  If all else fails, don’t give up completely.


    • Only say the words you don’t know in English opposed to throwing in the towel and speaking completely in English.



Ex: I like to walk outside, but not when it rains.


.rains  أحب أن أمشي خارج بيتي لكن ليس عندما


Your teacher will be happy and proud of the effort you’re making!

    • Always keep the pencil in your hand and your notebook open to write down new words!


    • Don’t be shy to ask your teacher questions, even if it’s from previous lessons!


    • If you feel like you’re having a hard time with a certain concept, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to dedicate the class time to just going over examples and making new examples!  This can be a whole lesson dedicated to grammar, new vocab, and even just speaking!


    • And remember the goal isn’t how many Arabic books you’ve completed, but how much Arabic you’ll know by the end of the day! Take your time, go at your own pace, and always keep on making dua’ to Allah for success!



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