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5 Ways to Bring the Barakah from the Quran into Your Life

5 Ways to Bring the Barakah from the Quran into Your Life

If we ask ourselves how we are engaging with the Quran on a daily basis, for most, the answer would be in prayer. If we maintain the bare minimum of our obligatory acts, we are reciting multiple passages from the Quran at least 5 times a day. And yet sometimes we might find that we are not feeling the barakah in our day to day lives. As with anything in life, and more so when it concerns the afterlife, we must be proactive with our efforts.

Here are 5 ways to maintain a healthy and multidimensional Quran habit in your life:

1. Recite

The first and perhaps most foundational way to engage with Allah’s words is to read them in the language they were revealed. Build a habit, but make sure it is one that you can maintain. It is better to read a few ayahs a day consistently than it is to start with a page and then taper off (and then stop completely) because you can’t maintain that goal. This is taught in the sunnah. The Prophet of Allah was asked about the most beloved deeds to Allah, to which he  replied, “That which is most regular and constant even if it is little in amount.” (Muslim). Don’t limit yourself either. On a certain day if you feel you can recite a little more, go ahead, but make sure you are maintaining consistency. The words of Divine Guidance are not just words. They are impactful spiritually, emotionally and physically. They are healing. They are protecting. They are elevating. And remember, Allah rewards the effort and the struggle.

2. Read

Read the Quran in a language you are comfortable in to process ideas. Let them resonate. Sometimes it helps to read the Quran like we would any other book. The first ayah revealed to the Prophet was to Read! It was a commandment. Without that, we cannot expand our knowledge and engage in true learning so it is only befitting that it be a significant means for us to attain Divine guidance.

3. Reflect

Reflect on the verses you read. Reciting and reading are definitely beneficial ways to engage with the Quran, but without truly reflecting on the verses we cannot attain that spiritual upliftment Allah desires for us. We are all on different journeys in this life. Our struggles are unique, our experiences are unique, and no two people are the exact same person. Yet, in this Book are signs and lessons for us all. Being able to reflect and connect with passages of the Quran on a personal and spiritual level is what gives us the spiritual and mental strength we need. It realigns us when we’ve become removed or off-track. It reminds us of what truly matters.

4. Retain and Review

Pick a day and time of the week and dedicate it to retention and review of the Quran. It is best to review with a partner, but do what you can and works for you. When you feel comfortable, add on more. It is through the ayahs we commit to memory that we can truly experience the Quran on our own. If you are reading and reflecting on it, passages you have memorized will have a much greater impact (and reward!) than those you occasionally connect with.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Finally, rinse and repeat! Continue the cycle, change the order if you wish, and modify as you please but allow yourself to engage with the Quran in all of these ways to truly feel its blessing in your life.