5 Easy and Fun Decorating Ideas for Ramadan

5 Easy and Fun Decorating Ideas for Ramadan

Ramadan Banner with Hanging Lanterns

Make your own or head over to buy this beautiful Ramadan banner.

Ramadan-Themed Table Runner

I love the idea of this simple decorating idea of a Ramadan-themed table runner.

Lanterns Placed with Flowers

With Ramadan being in Spring and Summer this year, what better way to display your lanterns than to surround the lanterns with flowers or plants.

Light Up Your House

Lights give off a festive feel, and these lanterns don’t disappoint.  Other light options are to get hanging lights to string around the house or along the stairs.

Eid Countdown Boxes

My kids are always counting down the days until Eid.  What better way to help them visualize the days than to get an Eid Countdown box.  Even better, get one with the Arabic numbers on it for extra Arabic learning!

There are SO many other ideas that you will find on these sites or in a search on Pinterest. What are you doing to decorate for Ramadan! Share your ideas and pictures!

Decorating for Ramadan is a fun way to build the enthusiasm for the pending month-long Muslim holiday. Each country and culture has their own way to getting their home ready for Ramadan, and with Pinterest and other social media platforms, the ideas are endless.
Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating for Ramadan!