10 Quick & Easy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan

10 Quick & Easy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan

1. Turkey Bacon – Egg Sandwich

On two whole grain pieces of toast, add some fried turkey bacon slices, some sliced tomato, spinach and a fried egg.  Enjoy!

2. Fruity Oatmeal

Cook oatmeal as directed.  Top with frozen fruit of your choice and honey (to taste).

3. Granola-Topped Yogurt with Berries

In a bowl, add plain or vanilla-flavored greek yogurt.  Top with some granola, mixed berries, and a bit of honey (to taste).

4. Toast Topped with Nut Butter, Bananas, and Chia Seeds

Top a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter or almond butter, sliced bananas, and sprinkle on some chia seeds.

5. Scrambled Egg, Potato and Cheese Burrito

Chop a potato into small cubes (or use frozen potatoes) and fry in a bit of oil until they become tender.  Add to eggs to the potatoes and stir until cooked through.  Top with some shredded cheese to melt.  Place a heaping spoon into a warm tortilla and enjoy!

6. Grilled Chicken Salad

In a bowl, add chopped lettuce/mixed greens.  Add some chopped onion, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sunflower seeds.  Slice grilled chicken and add to salad.  Top with salad dressing of your choice – Ranch or Honey Mustard are good choices!

7. Egyptian-Style Tuna Salad

Take 1 can of tuna and lightly chop it up on a plate.  Add a tablespoon or two of tahini (to taste), a tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper (to taste).  Mix well.  Add some chopped tomato and chopped green onions.  Eat with some salad greens or with whole grain pita bread.

8. Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

In a blender, pour 1 1/2 cups of almond milk, regular milk, or water.  Add half a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter, a handful of spinach (don’t worry, you won’t taste it!), and a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  Blend until well mixed and enjoy.

9. Egg, Cheese and Avocado Sandwich

Fry an egg (we like it a bit runny!) and place on a toasted English muffin, topped with a slice of cheese, a tomato slice and some avocado slices.

10. Leftovers from Iftar

If you have food leftovers from iftar, enjoy a plate before you begin your fast!

What do you like to eat for Suhoor?

Suhoor, or the meal early in the morning before beginning your fast, is a very important meal during Ramadan.  Muslims all around the world wake up before the Fajr prayer, at dawn, to eat before beginning their hours of fasting.  What you eat and drink for Suhoor determines how easy (or difficult) the rest of the fasting day will be, how hungry you are, and how thirsty you will be until you can eat and drink again at sunset.  Eating a healthy, hearty meal, that includes a good source of protein and nutrients, is so important and will help your body handle the fasting hours.

We have put together a list of 10 Quick & Easy Suhoor ideas you can make for Ramadan!